china 2009

Aberystwyth to Beijing

Which ever way you cut it, this was a 10,000 mile ride of a lifetime. Billed as a ‘scouting trip’ by Steve Hotson, the tours organiser, as it was his first venture to the Far East. John Walsh and i rode swiftly (very swiftly at times!) and comfortably through an ordered western Europe, through some great scenery and depressing industrial decay in Romania and Ukraine, warily(and unsuccessfully) past corrupt police in Russia, slowly in a mainly barren Kazakhstan with some difficulty on some rough roads when you could find one,  to the China border where we joined the main group. Our Uiger guide/minder led us through a mixture of everything you could wish for in a fascinating, severely ruled, environmentally irresponsible, overwhelmingly friendly China .

Part 1 – From Aberystwyth through Europe and Russia

Part 2 – Kazakhstan

Part – 3 Across China to Beijing